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Your whole life's a performance, so let the cameras roll...

So true

Do not place a photograph of your favourite author on you desk. especially if that author was one of the famous ones who committed suicide.  Roddy Doyle

Before I started writing,  I have searched some rules on writing a fiction. and I read a rule from Roddy Doyle which I find funny but  true . ^_^

The Room
 I'm done with my story, The Room. weeehhh.
I need someone to review it, the grammar and everything.

I'm back.
I welcome myself again here in livejournal. So good to be back after two years I guess.

What's new?

hahah I'm into writing now, but hopefully I wont get nega again and just quit. Im about to finish a story.
And got a lot of ideas in line. Hopefully I'll feel more inspired and put everything into script.  

Hopefully I'll have more friends in here too. >.< 





The day I had rued

No one with me even food

Screaming my plight

Crying still no one in sight

Black crow

Hopping alone, dust of snow

Poison from a hemlock tree

Pain is over, my death I see.




im new here, thats^_^


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